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So, this part of Walter's animated short in particular has caught my attention.


More specifically, the flashlight and magnifying glass (which is also featured in his Boy Detective portrait). Also that thing on the right, but I can't actually tell what it is. If anyone knows, I'll try to add that in too.
I feel like there's some cool potential that could come out of these items, which could further solidify Walter's place as a scout.

Handy Flashlight
I feel a flashlight (or a torch, whatever you wanna call it) could have a good place in Walter's kit. He'd enter the Constant with one in his pocket. It would be most comparable to a lantern at its base. Lightbulbs and fireflies could be put into it to restore durability, and it could be toggled on and off. However, a few things would make it unique. 
Firstly, instead of the typical radial light, the flashlight would provide light in a cone shape in front of Walter. Of course, it'd have a tiny bit of radial light around him, but not a lot. Just barely enough to keep someone safe, but not enough to keep them from the negative sanity aura. Walking around in the dark with a flashlight is scary! But Walter isn't afraid of anything. 
The next big thing is that the flashlight could be given to Woby! This would alter her AI a bit, and make her focus on staying close to Walter. It would work with both big and small Woby. Great for earlygame scouting! Your reliable doggy friend keeps you illuminated as you explore the world at night, while allowing you to have WHATEVER you want in all of your equipment slots. Wanna chop trees? You can. Wanna mine rocks? You can. Do it while wearing your Pinetree Pioneer hat! Do it while wearing your Beefalo Hat! Ride Woby at night while keeping your Trusty Slingshot in hand!
And a bunch of smaller, less substantial things. Walter's flashlight only provides light when held by a player, or by Woby, meaning it cannot be dropped on the ground for light. Its durability would be around half of a lantern, but fuel would be more effective. If Walter or Woby use the flashlight, its durability would drain twice as slow (making it equal to a lantern's). Walter can use the flashlight's durability while telling campfire stories to make them twice as effective. Crafting recipe would be cheaper than that of a lantern. Conceptual recipe: 1 Lightbulb, 2 Gold Nuggets, 1 Log
Overall, the flashlight would be a reliable source of light, one that can allow Walter to scout about as he pleases right out of the gate.

Magnifying Glass
The magnifying glass would not be a tangible item, but rather an ability. This one's way less substantial, but I think it would be fun.


What really got me thinking was this portrait here. This alone gave me the idea. After uncovering a Suspicious Dirt Pile, Walter could right click it. This would make him bring out his magnifying glass and do a little inspecting animation. Afterwards, he would identify what creature is at the end of the trail. Not sure if it would be something as blunt as "Yep. Definitely a Ewecus." or something more vague like "Are those... boogers? Haha, gross!", "There's a bunch of smaller prints inside of this one. Weird.", "This one smells gross."
Combined with his flashlight, this would allow him to be an even better scout. No need to waste time at night, go track down some meat! It's a Ewecus? Back out immediately, and go do something else. That's a boy scout-y thing to do, right?

Can't think of a lot of tweaks. I think he's fine, for the most part. Maybe make his slingshot a bit faster? Poop Pellets should not be seen as an attack by mobs that protect each other, and maybe could work on bosses and minibosses if you use enough of them. Slow Down Rounds could use a recipe tweak, or maybe some more usefulness to make them worth their price. Cursed Rounds could use some extra base damage, and more reliable shadow tentacles. Something I saw someone else suggest was a cheaper recipe for the campfire? That actually doesn't sound bad, seeing as he boasts about being able to make campfires so much.

I'm gonna be honest. I kinda like Walter as is. Seeing these ideas make it in the game would be cool, but ultimately, I'm not gonna stop liking him either way. I've always been optimistic about him, and now that he's out, I'm not disappointed. I do think the suggested tweaks would make him a bit more enjoyable, though. What do you guys think about this? Are these decent, or am I just dumb? Do they add more things to an already cluttered character? Are these ideas too big to be added post-release? Can someone please tell me what the thing on the right is?
At the very least, I want this thread to be a place where everyone can put in their own ideas for Walter, and have them all be discussed.

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