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Can't figure out a way to prevent a character from gaining roads' speed buff

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I've been trying to make a character not gain any speed multipliers when walking on roads, paths and trails, but everything I tried so far has not worked.

My attempts on character.lua:

    inst.components.locomotor.fastmultiplier = 1.00
    inst.components.locomotor.enablegroundspeedmultiplier = false

I tried these individually and none of them seem to have worked, I can clearly see that setting groundspeedmultiplier to false does something but all it actually does is teleport me back a few steps every time I try walking on Roads, not actually slowing me down.

I went over to Wurt and saw that she has a multiplier for walking on swamp tiles, and I also noticed that Roads count as a tile.

    inst.components.locomotor:SetFasterOnGroundTile(GROUND.MARSH, true)
so I tried
    inst.components.locomotor:SetFasterOnGroundTile(GROUND.ROAD, false)

and it still doesn't work...

Has anyone ever attempted to "remove" or "ignore" the road's speed buff? I'm not that good at Modding but everything I tried so far with the locomotor component has failed me.

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