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Are Overcomplicated Characters the Norm Now?

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Owlrus    3235

In my opinion, there are characters that are made to be effective and there are those made to be unique and non-simple. Wolfgang is an example of a simple and effective character that many enjoy due to his statistical advantages that he brings to the game; is he a complex character with strong cons and playstyle-altering mechanics that change the way the player needs to approach situations? I'd argue probably not. On the other hand, someone like Warly is the near exact opposite in terms of kit and playstyle. Warly has a multitude of specialty dishes, hidden perks, craftables, and arguably complex mechanics that can change the way that players operate as him; sometimes however it can be too much at times. I think a good middle ground (in my opinion of course) is Wortox because of his interesting kit that brings a lot to a cooperative environment and his simple playstyle that provides fair and challenging downsides that cannot be ignored.

In short, most characters are like food in this sense:

"This food is healthier for you but tastes bland (simple characters), although this other food tastes better but it's unhealthy for you (complex characters)".

One thing I should mention before closing out my argument is that it can be very hard to create interesting and simple ideas in concept, so it may just be there are few ideas that have not yet been explored.


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