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  1. One of my favourite experiences with this game, was the first time I ever made it to Winter back when the game was permadeath: I was a noob, so without it knowing it, I had based somewhat closed to a Walrus camp. Because I had no Winter protection, I spent my days just hugging my fire pit surviving on what little food I had left. When I had run out of food, I went out to explore and that's when I saw something in the corner of my screen... A blue hound. I was really confused because I had never seen a white one before and it clearly wasn't a hound wave. And then I saw them, the Mactusk brothers, they looked like hunters and they were slowly making their way towards me. I couldn't even get a proper look at them, before they starting shooting at me and the hounds started barking and chasing me. So I ran, but not to my base, I just ran as far away as possible because I genuinely thought that this game was amazing and that the developers had designed an AI that would hunt you across the map. So I kept running across the country. I would have to stop for food and warmth, so I would camp by night and travel by day. I genuinely thought I was being hunted and that if I didn't move fast enough they would find me. Obviously, I know realise that that was literally all in my head and that the AI is nowhere near as interesting as that, but at the time, that was a terrifying experience. It was like that film The Grey. It was the only time I was ever afraid of a mob.
  2. I'm saying that they DO turn...and it looks pretty natural to me.
  3. Does it? I was particularly surprised by how much better looking the diamond shape looks. If anything, the vanilla circle looks more like a mod than the mod haha
  4. An option that I think is missing here is Combat. Because boat combat is the most disappointing element regarding sailing. They really needed canons.
  5. I'm not even a paragraph in and my brain is already melting trying to understand this. What are you even trying to say here? Are you saying that Klei is looking at popular mods for influence? Nobody even said that and I really doubt that that's what they are doing. But let's entertain this thought...Mods are basically a form of fan fiction if you think about it. Fan fiction can be popular and enjoyed, but that doesn't mean that it's good and that it would fit in the canon. Here is an example. The last season of Game of Thrones and the last Star Wars films shared the common criticism that they "felt like like fan-fiction". What they are ACTUALLY saying is that they felt like they were written by amateur writers, instead of trained and experienced professionals. Now put that in the context of DST: When people say a character feels like a mod character, what we are actually saying...Is that that characters feels like a badly designed character that an amateur fan, who is not a professional game designer, would design on the steam workshops. Do you see the difference? I can't decipher whatever the hell you're trying to communicate here. Who are you even talking to? I'm pretty sure nobody ignored your question, it's just very hard to understand you sometimes and I think the answer is redundant. There's loads of new content Klei has made that have not felt like a mod. Walter could have easily not felt like a mod if they had stuck to the boy-scout concept and not overstuffed him with random perks...Multiple people have already explained this to you. You have point. I don't know, I heard from somewhere that Extra Hardcore Pro Championship League DST Manliest Men Players purposely loose their sanity so they can farm Nightmare Fuel or something...I don't know, I heard it from Edgy Rick.
  6. Wigfrid has been my main ever since RoG and I'm really worried about this rework. I love her design. She's fun and easy to play, her carnivore diet offers her a unique challenge and play-style, she's viable for end game situations, her weapon and amour make her useful for teams, the method acting concept is inventive and uncomplicated...Am I wrong to think she's kinda perfect as she is? I'm hoping that Klei will surprise me, but I'm really worried that this really wonderful character that I have been playing for years is gonna get completely messed up. Especially after seeing the problems with recent characters like Walter, I'm really concerned. I genuinely don't think there's any need for it. When Klei announced they were reworking ALL of the characters, I was concerned. I fully support reworking "broken" characters like Winona and Woody, but I don't think there's anything wrong in saying some characters are perfectly fine as they are. We'll just have to wait and see I guess, but please don't massacre my girl.
  7. Most veterans don't consider insanity a threat. Personally, I never minded the similarities. Wig was always more of a team player. You can make armor and weapons for other people, and also that fact that you only eat meat motivates players to hunt and bring meat for the base. In my personal opinion, Wig is much easier to handle than Wolf (and a great character for new players), but if you know how to manage him, the benefits of playing Wolf are clear (speaking as a Wig main). The great thing about Webber and Wendy is that they complement each other. Webber builds the spider farms quicker and Wendy is better at harvesting silk from them. As a Wig main, I'm not crazy about that...It just reminds me too much of what happened to Woody. Woody is essentially that, except the "roles" are the "were-monsters" he transforms into.
  8. The hairball looks like Steel Wool! It's a shame, because I prefer the design of this creature much more than the Ewecus.
  9. As a player who now almost exclusively spends his time in the ocean, I just want a character that is designed specifically for sailing. If they brought in Woodlegs, I would love it if they reworked him and gave him special items and perks that worked with the cookie boat.
  10. This is not a PC Master Race Spiel. Some games are designed for PC, some games are designed for consoles. Play the game on the device it is intended for. Basically, every argument @Mike23Ua has can be summarised by saying "We shouldn't have nice things on PC, because those things don't port well to consoles". For example, in the past he said Wortox shouldn't be able to teleport on PC because, without a mouse, teleporting on consoles doesn't work well. It's the same argument here: "Let's have badly designed characters that feel like modded character, because console gamers can't enjoy mods". It's a tired argument, and I'm tired of hearing it.
  11. I haven't commented in months and it's hilarious to me that when I finally decided to come back, the first reply I get is from you with your classic PC vs. console whining. I can't believe you're STILL doing this. As I've told you a thousand times in the past, I literally do not give a crap about console DST gamers. Don't Starve is designed for PC. There are plenty of console exclusives that you can play instead. I have zero sympathy for you.