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  1. I recently changed my main, even though I thought it would never happen. I changed from Wigfrig to Woodie. Mainly because Woodie is hands downs the best character for sailing, especially on public servers. Firstly, you can use the Werebeaver to get wood FAST for your boat. And second, the Goose is amazing for transportation between boat and land. This is especially relevant on public servers. If your are on a moving boat and you get disconnected, when you log back in your character will be at spawn. If you are any other character, that's pretty much a nightmare because you need to build a whole other boat just to get back to your original boat, but if you're woodie you can just Goose your way back.
  2. Winona: I don't "get" what this character is supposed to be. She's a factory worker, so she makes catapults and a stage light...That doesn't compute with me. I guess they're trying to make her an "inventor" character, but to pull that off she needs more than just two exclusive items. If they want to make her an inventor, she needs to be like Wagstaff and have at least 7 different items. Also, both her items are really random. The Stage Light feels like something Wigfrig would build, given that she's an actress. And both items are horrible. The catapult is OP as hell. I'm not sure if they patched it out, but if you place catapults on a boat and sail that near the shore, you're invincible. There's loads of hacks like that that you can do with catapults that just break the game. Meanwhile, the stage light is totally useless. Which is frustrating, because there's actually some cool mods that fix them really easily. There's especially one that makes it a boat part and it's used for sailing during the night and it's amazing. Also, the whole being Charlie's sister feels really tagged on and adds NOTHING to her character.
  3. I think them being slow is part of the challenge. I recently got into a boat battle and it was really fun. The difficulty is trying to angle your boat and try to hit them at the right moment. I think there's two things that could be added that would work with the current boat system: - Canons. So these wouldn't be like Shipwrecked cannons, but instead canons that only point and shoot at one direction. Meaning that you have to angle your boat correctly to get a good shot. Also, in Sea of Thieves style, it be cool if you could shoot yourself out of a canon. - Naval ram. Again, you'd have to angle your boat and crash into opponents boats at the right angle. These could just be like a spike that points out of your boat made of Gnarwail horns. There's so much that can be done. Also, despite him having two sails, he lost the battle.
  4. Is having multiplayer naval warfare in a multiplayer game appropriate? Yes, I think so. Listen, I'm actually a solo SOLO player too, so I sympathise with your concerns. However, Don't Starve Together is designed for a multiplayer experience first (it's in the name) and a single-player experience second, which means that playing by yourself will inevitably be more challenging and occasionally even frustrating. However, playing by yourself is not impossible...I think the suggestions I made are manageable without the help of other people. Would it be harder? Definitely. Regarding your complaints with Sea of Thieves. There's plenty of people who play that game solo and are pros at it. Just like Don't Starve Together, it's a multiplayer game than can also be played by yourself. Also, I'm sorry, but this in an insane statement. As Toros said to you, "Together" is literally in the name. Have you ever tried beating Toadstool by yourself? Trust me, that's not "single-player friendly". I feel like this is so utterly unnecessary. I have no issues using the current boats by myself. Ironically, I would say that the current boats are especially perfect for solo or two players. When I join public servers, I only let one or two other people onto my boat. Anymore than that, it becomes chaotic. There's not enough space and you'll eat through your food fast and won't be able to fish enough to keep your crew from starving. I understand you're having issues using boats by yourself on consoles. However, adding a new boat doesn't seem to be the best solution for that.
  5. I think what it comes down to, is that with these new boat mechanics I feel like there's potential for combat that can be more than just kitting on a small platform. Fighting could be more about having your boat dodge projectiles (as in, the enemy targets your boat and the captain needs to steer the boat out of the way quick enough). If Klei added canons, then that opens a lot of possibilities. Like I said previously, there has been some innovative combat with boats, like the Cookie Cutters. There's a lot of things that can done. I do agree with you that space is an issue on boats and you would probably have two different boats for hunting/fishing and boss fighting, but I wouldn't mind that personally. Then again, like someone mentioned previously, I'm not entirely sure why sea bosses have to destroy your structures.
  6. I do think there have been some creative ideas though. Cookie Cutters are very inventive in how they attack and also the initial attack of the Gnarwail, where its horn tears through the deck, is also very cool. Those fights cause damage to your boat in ways you can manage and recover from....The Malbatross and Crab King do not. This is something I've been saying for ages; this is one of those cases where a Shipwrecked item should just be passed over into DST. The spyglass just needs to be in DST. It has so much more use in DST than it does in Shipwrecked. In Shipwrecked, because the boats are so fast, it's kinda useless. Meanwhile, in DST, because the boats are so slow, it would be almost an essential item. I know Klei hates using Shipwrecked assets. Re-skin it if you need to Klei like you did with the lobsters.
  7. I want to start by saying that I really love the new boats. I love how the sailing mechanics are different from Shipwrecked and instead encourage teamwork. Honestly, since they've been introduced, all I do is build cool boats and spend all my days sailing and fishing. However, combat and boats have not been as successful. There's two major issues: - Building dummy boats is not fun: So the only practical way to kill sea bosses, is to build dummy boats. For those who don't know what I mean by a 'dummy boat', it's just when you jump from your main boat onto a structure-less empty boat and then paddle your way into a boss fight. This is the only way to avoid damaging and destroying your main boat that has all your structures on it, and therefore it's the only practical way to fight the Malbatross and the Crab King. - Enemies Loosing Agro: I'm not as concerned about this. The way the Malbatross and Gnarwail loose agro on you when you're fighting seems like a bug to me and will probably be fixed in later updates. Needless to say, your boat is extremely slow, so when an enemy looses agro on you and wonders off, it's a problem and it's not an enjoyable experience. Ultimately, I'm disappointed. When boats were introduced, it seemed to me that Klei was aiming for a Sea of Thieves kind of experience, where the key to success was working together in managing your boat...But that just doesn't seem to apply for combat. When Return of Them was announced, I thought boat fights would be dynamic: you'd have one player steering the wheel, while another player aimed the canons, while a third played patched leaks on the sinking boat. Seriously, where are the canons? But instead, boats are just being used as platforms to hit things. That's really disappointing.
  8. It be cool to see some cool races across the map.
  9. Then in that case, let's just disable the Rollback feature.
  10. I find it really annoying. In some cases, mobs and items from Hamlet and Shipwrecked don't fit thematically in DST, so it makes sense that a lot of things aren't ported. But...THERE ARE SOME ITEMS AND MOBS THAT HAVE NO REASON NOT TO BE PORTED AND ITS SO ANNOYING SEEING THEM WASTED For instance, how magnificent would it be to have a spyglass in DST. With boats being so slow in DST, the Spyglass makes more sense to be in DST than Shipwrecked. And what sucks even more, is when you see items that could have had great potential, be turned into skins in DST. Like the Safe from The Gorge for example. You know how annoying it is keeping items safe in public servers? Extremely. If only we had like a safe or something, where we could keep things locked away from other players. Meanwhile Klei: LOL GONNA TURN IT INTO A FRIDGE SKIN LMAO. Ugh.
  11. Just wanna add, if you're playing with someone else, a Wendy and Wortox combo is unstoppable. With Abigail and a good spider farm, you can get 20+ souls in less than a day and all you have to do is stand there.
  12. Your boat is almost comedicaly overstuffed. Your boats should only have essential structures. However, as Klei adds more boat parts, I do hope they begin to rethink some structures and try to find alternatives so that our boats don't have to be so overcrowded. You can just about get the bare essentials on your boat as it is. So for example, there's literally no need for the Tackle Receptacle to be a new structure. It could be like a book you carry instead, that when you open, lets you access recipes (like Maxwell's).