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Problem with codex localization


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Currently, the codex localization, specifically when localizing the trigger of an entry, can be very problematic. Right now, with the current system, you translate each individual english triggers. This can cause a few problems:

1. Some languages don't have plurals, or have multiple plurals. For example, the entry "Spark Baron" is triggered in English by "spark baron" and "spark barons". It has two trigger for basically the same exact phrasing. However, in Chinese, it only needs one trigger, because it doesn't have plural form of words. In maybe another language, it has other forms of plural where it's a different word for when there's two spark barons, and a different word for when there's three or more spark barons. In this case, there is no way to implement all three forms of the word as triggers, because you can only localize two from English.

2. For some languages, some codex triggers should not be translated, and should be ignored. In English, "the sea" triggers the codex for "the Heshian sea". Because there's an article before the word "sea", this barely triggers, and when someone says "the sea", they likely mean "the Heshian sea". In Chinese, it is localized as "海". Notice how there is no articles. Because of this, every single time when "海" is mentioned anywhere, including in compound words where it's not even about seas(such as in "海关"(custom) or "脑海"(brain or mind)), the codex triggers, and displays information regarding the Heshian sea. This will be funny at first, but it can get annoying pretty fast.

There are probably more problems with the current system, but the problem ultimately lies in the fact that a language must localize each triggers of an entry instead of setting its own trigger for an entry. Maybe instead of localize the codex in the giant .po file, the codex can be configured in a yaml file similar to the codex file for english. This way, the language can also add additional entries to the codex if something that's obvious in English, but somehow needs explaining in other languages.

Also, here's a few other feedback:

1.The codex for "spree"("狂欢") is never triggered in Chinese, even though the trigger is met. Other codex entry such as the admiralty("海军部") or havaria("哈瓦利亚") triggers normally, for some reason.

2.There is no codex for anything in Japanese, but it's probably because no codex entry is localized.

3.The Chinese for Spark Baron is "火花男爵", which explicitly state the gender of the baron for some reason. I think you can use "爵士", which probably means the same thing, and does not state the gender of the person.

4.The Chinese for Sal's original last name sounds way too similar to the thing where you replace the "lon" part of the last name with "un", and by "way too similar" I meant "exactly the same except it's written differently". This may or may not invite questions that you don't want to answer.

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