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Celestial tribute possible use.

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I was looking at many magic items from the magic tab and i saw that most of them like the fire staff aren't worthy to craft them so why don't you make a magic tab rework but with a cool mechanic. In the lunar island a new set piece will be generated with the name, celestial_infusion set piece. This will be compound of a number of pedestals symetricaly displayed around an incomplete center. This pedestals, also the central one will allow you to socket any item, staff, gems, nightmare fuel... You can take the celestial tribute and socket into the center pedestal completing the set piece, but, what purpouse it has?? Crafting!!! You just socket some materials into the surrounding pedestals, you put an item in the central one and you cast a spell with a staff in the central pedestal causing the items to merge with the central one, creating new powerfull items. Which staff should we use and which items shoul we socket will depend on some randomly generated recipes that they are hidden in the treasure chest from the map. I suggest seen Azanor's mod thaumcraft, the mod from which I extracted the most original crafting mechanic i've ever seen, he is a geneus, (search infusion crafting). I spect they will read this. If so thanks for your attention.

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