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Wetness and wildfire protective structure

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I recently noticed how similar Winged Sail requirements were to Palm Leaf Hut from Shipwrecked, with driftwood being bamboo counterpart as structure's carcass while feathery canvas serves as "useful part" instead of palm leaves. Perhaps there can be a structure working similarly to Palm Leaf Hut but made from same materials as Winged Sail, to serve as an alternative of spending Malbatross feathers other than building Winged Sails. Even though rain is not much of an issue in DST compared to SW, such structure would be invaluable since it can be placed on a boat and move along with it, removing the need to carry and repair wetness protective items for EVERYONE on the boat. It would resemble a large beach umbrella. However, since Palm Leaf Hut is easier to make than its proposed counterpart in DST that requires boss drops, the latter would receive several buffs to make up for it:

- in addition to providing full wetness protection, it would also grant 240 overheating protection (same as eyebrella)

- It would have a larger radius, same as fully charged Glowcap (to allow loose deploying few units away from boat center and still cover the whole boat, as well as to allow doing stuff other than standing right beneath it)

- It wouldn't require much free space around it (like masts and glowcap/mushlight, to allow placing it after everything else has been built)

- It would prevent stuff (including itself) within its radius from wildfires in summer (same as sandstorms do), being a maintenance-costs-free alternative to ice flingo, as well as a way for people to build megabases on the surface in biomes other than antlion desert.

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