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Suggestion? Four boring mechanics that I thought were cool ...

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Hello, how are you?


Me too. lol
Did you like my profile picture? That was random...  Cough, anyway.

What if there was a turtle character who could only eat meat if she/he had dentures equipped in the head slot?

And if there were another character less skilled and all their crafts had less durability and uses.

And while I was thinking about it I had another idea of an equipment that Winona could have ...

... A cart or sleigh to push / pull heavy things.


And while I was writing the introduction to the post I saw a clothes-moth which made me think of one more thing.

And then I forgot ... but when I looked at the  aclothes-moth again I remembered!


I wish we could move the Wormholes with a specific food that only they could eat.

And if that food is fresh and in your inventory they will indulge you indiscreetly causing tremors.
And they would only stop if you fed them that thing.

But that wouldn't be feasible, would it?

Besides breaking the game ...

I needed to put this here for my conscience to stop saying "I want to make a post about that"

Thanks for your time

Your precious time.

~This text has been translated~

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