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- gear monger 

amongst the piles of scrap and gears with in the ruins there are some that aren’t quite dead yet, the gear monger is a machine that is both bishop, rook and Knight clashed together to make a wreckage of a machine that hungers for gears and scrap 

- polterwraith (credit to minespatch for coining the name)

what happens when a ghost stays in the world of the living for too long, when the ghost becomes a polterwraith they become more fast and more reckless to kill the player, during a full moon polterwraiths will spawn other then normal ghosts 

- clockwork pawn

a small clockwork which is designed to run up to players and explode, however the player can kill them and receive a small reward of gunpowder and 1 gear

- nightmares 

when ever the player is suffering of a lack of sanity and try’s to sleep it off there will be a chance that a nightmare will approach and try to drain they’re sanity while they’re a sleep, however nightmares are very weak and can be killed if they wake up or if a friend of they’re helps them

- ancient hierophant 

Much like the fuelweaver, the hierophant is a construct of both physical material and pure nightmare, while a nightmare phase begins the hierophant will appear carrying tomes and tablets of stone with it so he can use the magic with in it to defend himself (this might end up being a boss if I think about it more)


that at was some of my concept, they aren’t fully detail but it’s a idea nothing more then a idea :)



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56 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

So uhh the pawn was an actual thing that ended up scrapped for whatever reason, I would love to see those actually added into the game.

I think clockwork pawns, kings and queens would had been a nice edition with the chess theme

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The Gear Monger sounds really cool and it got me thinking about the idea of there being a mechanical equivalent to the shadow pieces fight, but where the dead machines combine together with the living ones, sort of a mechanical parallel you might say. For the pawns I would like to suggest that they drop frazzled wires instead, mainly considering that pawns are abundant in chess so I imagine they will be abundant here as well.

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