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** Please help ** Death in Ruins stuck in loading [Don't Starve PS4]

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Playing Don't Starve classic in the PS4.

Around day 115 I was in the Ruins exploring the Labyrinth when I faced the Ancient Guardian a little unprepared. During the fight I died, with an easy mind that I'd either resuscitate in my Meat Effigy back at my main base or at the Touch Stone I had activated. To my surprise the game got stuck after my death and I had to close the app and reopen. When reopening and choosing the save slot, it still shows "Caves Depth 2" (image 1), as if I had not died, and when opening the save slot it gets stuck in a forever loading black screen (image 2) and vibrates the controller as if I'm back in the game, but nothing is shown. I'm even able to pause and quit back to Menu to find all Menu sound gone. If I wait long enough in this loading screen I can see I'm starting to suffer damage as the screen goes red (image 3) and my controller vibrates, but it never leads to my death or to the game being actually loaded.

I really don't wanna lose all this great progress I had made in this slot, I've beaten the adventure mode twice and had a great run at the game so far in this slot.

I exported the save from the PS4 in case that helps and I can provide it.



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