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Siren Head Mod! Need help!

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Hi everyone! I'm currently designing the creepypasta character "Siren Head" as a boss in Don't Starve Together. I think he would fit inCREDIBLY well in the game! I think a simple texture swap with Bearger or Deerclops would be a great start for proof of concept, eventually I would like to program some additional features, including:

- A tornado siren can be heard if the creature wanders within a certain range of the player

- Siren Head can imitate sounds of NPC characters from the player character's lore, example, Wendy would hear the voice of Abigail.

I don't have any modding experience, and this is more of a fun project then anything. If you have the know how, and are willing to lend some of your time, please comment below! Also if you want to watch me design the character, you can check out my Twitch on Friday nights at 7:30PM PST 

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