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I want to issue that to mutate from normal Puft (POX-> Slime) to any other Pufts (Oxygen-> Oxylite/Chlorine -> Bleach Stone) is not easy to do. The issue is that after laying the first egg, normal Puft without taking POX as food, will start starving. This will stop the production rate of that Puft. At that time the probability to lay a Puft egg is about 40% and 60% is divided evenly into 2 other Puft's mutations. So mutating it by forcing into a Chlorine environment for instance only has a 30% of laying the desired egg, if failed, you have to take the Puftlet egg from Puft Prince and do it again. This is annoying because sometimes it may take up to 20-30 cycles to lay the correct egg(sometimes even more).

My suggestion is that, instead of mutating from a female Puft, isn't mutating from Puft Prince much better? Since they take any kinds of gas as food, so that we can trace their intake. Moreover, after laying the first egg, if there is an absence of Puft Prince, a female Puft will always lay the Puft Prince egg, regardless the environment, before she starves and dies. 

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It`s not the diet that causes them to lay different morph eggs. It`s the presence of a prince that causes it. It`s kinda complicated.

Prince only lays regular puft eggs.
Regular pufts lay prince eggs if no prince is present.
If prince is present regular pufts lay squeaky and dense eggs.

You can keep normal pufts in POX along with a prince and they should lay other egg types without starving.

I kinda agree that now that the prince can eat multiple gasses it would make more sense if the prince layed different morph eggs.

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