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is Port Fowarding Needed?

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Hey everyone, 

I need a little help, i was wondering if you could help me.

First, i followed the guide here: 


SteamCMD was installed and run, and all the other steps were followed, the Server runs and i was able to join it (assuming locally)

Now, i have had the server running for a good 1 hour, while i was playing, but no one has joined. which leads me to believe people are unable to join, i was not able to find it on the server list, unless i search it by name.



Nowhere on the set up instructions did i see anything about Port Forwarding, is this a necessary step for the server to be on the list?







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An update: it's been 4 hours of the server running, the only other person aside from me able to join, was someone on my friend list. still waiting for strangers to be able to find the server. 


i usually don't have problems when hosting without a dedicated server.

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There server has been running for 24+ hours now, still only 2 people have joined Myself, and a Friend.

It is Vanilla, not modded, and i have a 10Mbs upload and 100Mbs download.

still no one else other than friends. something is indefinably wrong, but what could it be? if is not Port Forwarding, what else i could try? i heard something about opening Port 10999 UDC but still not confirmed. 

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