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Help setting up a dedicated server on Linux

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I followed this guide to set up a dedicated server on linux but now when I'm trying to run the file to start the server I'm getting the following error:

do: bad interpreter: No such file or directoryd_server"

This seems kinda odd, as "directoryd_server" isn't really a useful information. There's no path or file given that isn't found.

The only time "d_server"" is used in the "run_dedicated_servers.sh" file is the line:


I don't see this dierctory on my server either, so maybe it has to be created? I tried creating a folder with that name but that didn't help. So I'm not quite sure where the problem is.


I hope you can help!


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1. Which linux are you using?
2. Did you install all software requirements?
3. Can you add your entire log, instead of just one line?
4. Maybe also post your startup scripts/some other infos on your setup. I've seen it before that someone said they followed a guide, but after a long discussion we found out that person did a few things wrong after all, causing stuff to fail.

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