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Ice/glass dragonfly + zombie/bone dragonfly

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After teleporting the dragonfly to the Lunar Baths biome, it could drink from a hot spring, and change into a ice/glass/lunar dragonfly. It doesn't need much change to its behavior, as instead of magma pools it could use the hot springs to spawn ice larvae. After dying, it could revive like the hounds to become a horror/zombie/bone dragonfly.

As it is not intuitive to teleport the dragonfly to the Lunar Bath biome, the Celestial tab could have a recipe to make something similar to a bath bomb out of ash to make a hot spring into an ash soup, with a flavor text like "A dragonfly would love this". This would also solve the problem of "Why would a dragonfly drink from a hot spring?". It could even be a recipe that a normal dragonfly drops and has to be added to the celestial altar first. This recipe can be made harder by adding iridescent gem next to the ashes. This would explain the magical effect that cause the dragonfly to change.

Motivation: I started thinking about this topic because I find it a chore to refill the light sources even in the endgame, and because of this I like to place my base next to the moon stone, because it can give constant light with the infinite polar light. It would be nice to build something similar, even if it takes a lot of work. As the moon stone is usually next to the desert where the dragonfly is, they already have a connection. Scaled furnace can give infinite light, so that is one more connection. If this fight would have a ice/lunar spore as a loot, which does not spoil, but can be placed into a glowcap, it would be possible to make one infinite light for every kill of the upgraded dragonfly. This way it would make the glowcap useless (like it would happen if there is a new infinite light source), and it would make creating this lighting a little harder, as it would involve another boss.

Of course there can be a lot of awesome loot which is connected to ice, lunar light or bones.

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I like the idea as it plays on multi-layered boss upgrades, with harder variants of same boss dropping even better loot - similar to Misery Toadstool. And these multi-layered boss options imply certain actions with higher engagement from player(s) - a good thing in my book, more so for late-game.

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