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Sanity loss when starting fires?

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I want my custom character to lose sanity every time they light a fire (excluding adding fuel to a firepit or crafting a torch). But the fire mechanic is confusing me.

I thought it would be simple, just adding the line inst.components.lighter:SetOnLightFn(firefn). But I guess characters don't have the 'lighter' component, instead that goes into the torch itself. 

How do I detect when my character lights something on fire using a torch?

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I would suggest you take a look at the component "Lighter". Whenever you light something with a lighter, it calls :Light() (excluding whacking stuff with a torch)

You could replace the Lighter function to have a concrete indicator of when you light something.

An example:

AddComponentPostInit("lighter", function(self)
	local oldLight = self.Light
	function self:Light(...)
		print("oh hey I lit something on fire")
		-- deduct sanity here
		return oldLight(self, ...)


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