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Visual Traits of the Oxygen Not Included Art Style

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Example Picture

So I've been studying images of this game and trying to detect patterns in the style, and I've narrowed it down to 3 general rules that make this game's art unique:

1. In general, designs for objects in game are noticeably similar to Dr. Seuss's style.  I'm pretty sure by this point that Klei's art team have been directly inspired by Dr. Seuss, with the espresso machine in the center of the example picture being a good example.  Asymmetrical, comically exaggerated, lopsided, and theoretically wouldn't be functional--yet it does.  Can an art team member from Klei confirm my suspicion?  I get some strong Seuss vibes from Don't Starve and ONI.

2.  Contour lines (lines that define the basic shape of an object) aren't just noticeably thicker than their inner lines, they increase in weight with the density/presence of the object they are outlining.  For example, the painting's outlines are quite thin compared to the heavy lines of the solid tiles and metal machines.  This rule also somewhat applies to objects intended to be "in the back", with the wall paper tiles being quite light in outline weight.

3.  Geometry is heavily based upon polygons and sharp corners.  You will rarely see a smooth, round object, and circles are often "lumpy".  The microbe musher (not pictured) is a great example of this.  Ironically, this is where the art style diverges the most from Dr. Seuss, for his designs are known for being extremely curved and smooth, hard corners are hard to come by in his work.

Hopefully you guys find picking out these visual motifs as much fun as I did, I really enjoy this style.

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