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my inventory bugged when I play to build or anything

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when I use the inventory and get something, for example a construction, when I press on it, it goes up a bit from where I held it before, and I also can't build when I drag the construction or anything under my character, because he opens the inventory  even though I'm not pressing on him.  can you help with anything?  I tried to decrease the hud but it doesn’t change anything, whenever I hold something it rises to the top of the inventory, where I touch it.  this gets in the way and makes gameplay difficult. in the image below, I’m holding the part of the inventory box, under the narwhal, I don’t know if you’re seeing it but it’s making a slight climb and that’s what gets in the way.because of that, i can't put a construction under the character, because the inventory tab opens even if i don't put my finger on it.


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