Woodie's underperforming experience

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If you had the chance to pick between Wilba and Woodie, whom would it be? Exactly, Wilba, because her werepig form is 3x better than Woodie's. She can chop trees quickly, dig stuff up, kill things pretty fast, and also being able to mine things. What can Woodie do? Turn himself into that rudimentary Beaver form. Ofc, he can also attack/chop/mine, but he is quite slow compared to Wilba, not to mention that he loses all of his items from his inventory, so good luck with trying to farm stuff on a monkey infested area. I think, and slap me twice if I'm wrong, giving Woodie the 2 other forms from DST would make a slight difference, mostly in Shipwrecked because that place is 89% water. "Why" you might be asking yourself? Well, 1st of all, let's talk aboot the goose form. Pretty good and useless at the same time. Useless, by that meaning in both RoG and the base game, because the Goose cannot fly over the non-traversable sea. Whilst in Shipwrecked and Hamlet (the tiny ponds) Woodie would have a much bigger advantage. Just think about it, being able to scout the sea without a boat or simply traverse from point A to point B without the need of a boat (ofc, you'd still get wet if you decide to smash waves with your beak, and maybe adding a passive wetness meter would balance this form). Next up: Moose. IK, there are better things to say about the Werebeaver but hear me out. Let's say you're either playing in Hamlet, or RoG. Who doesn't hate pesky vampire bat waves, or the annoying Deerclops waiting to eradicate your base for not listening to its audio cues, because I certainly do. I mean, the werebeaver has a decent damage output, but you can easily get your back whooped for being so sluggish. We all know the moose can charge towards a point, while dealing massive amounts of AoE damage. So, why not implement it? I mean, it is cool, playing as a beaver, but I hate it for not being able to scout the map fast as goose, or hit multiple swarms of enemies as a moose. And, about the beaverness meter, why not slightly modify it? or even better, remove it (won't happen I can tell). Now by modifying it, I really mean a significant change. Let's say you keep chopping wood, beaver will be your curse, but what about the goose and moose forms? Moose may the triggered by slaying multiple swarms of enemies in a short period of time (friendly mobs charge the meter 0.5x faster). The Goose form, that's quite complicated. I think the only, decent way to trigger it, is by eating an idol. (yes, the Weregoose idol). In order to see what form you're going to transform into, you have to keep an eye on your log meter. If you see the outer "ring" of it, grow two front teeth (will become more visible the more wood you've chopped) that means you'll turn into a beaver, if you see the ring slowly grow a "moose nose" or whatever that thing is, you'll turn into a moose. The only way to maintain the Moose form is by continuously killing things, remaining idle will automatically start to drain the meter to 0 (just like in DST). The Goose form will automatically drain itself and it will last for roughly 2.7 min - 3 min. Once a full moon begins, Woodie has a 33% chance to become either a Moose / Goose / Beaver. [Only if playing on Hamlet] During a Blood Moon, Woodie will turn into a Weremoose, and the curse will last for 7 min (can be ended if remaining idle, allowing you to play as the human Woodie).

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