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Please merge threads for systems that interact

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So I've created a packet counter that can count how many 10kg packets of liquid hydrogen + oxygen go towards fueling a rocket.  I worked pretty hard on it, and was happy with the result, until I noticed something.

Sometimes, seemingly at random, the packet counter will send an extra packet.  It made me wonder "Why does this happen?"
Simple.  The automation grid and plumbing grid are not running on the same thread.  The plumbing is far larger than the automation, so naturally they wouldn't sync up.

My proposed solution?  When a liquid sensor or gas sensor of any kind is connected to an automation system, they absolutely MUST sync up, so hop that automation thread on over to the same thread that the connected plumbing / gas grid is on.
On computers with lower specs, I imagine the difference is far greater.  Liquid shutoffs not redirecting packets as soon as they should for example.

I can't think of any way currently to circumvent the issue either than to space out the packets, which means my system will take twice as long to fuel a rocket.

What a headache.

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