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Deticated server failed to start: there was some kind of trouble starting up the server.

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@thoreau0042 based on that, your forced shutdown messed with your cave's play session, seen here:

[00:00:04]: [string "scripts/saveindex.lua"]:303: SaveIndex:GetSaveData: Encoded Savedata is empty on load [session/FCAC97115148D29C/0000000104]
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
    =[C]:-1 in (global) assert (C) <-1--1>
    scripts/saveindex.lua:303 in (upvalue) OnLoadSaveDataFile (Lua) <294-313>
    scripts/saveindex.lua:317 in () ? (Lua) <316-318>
    =[C]:-1 in (method) GetPersistentString (C) <-1--1>
    scripts/saveindex.lua:316 in (method) GetSaveDataFile (Lua) <315-319>
    scripts/saveindex.lua:335 in (method) GetSaveData (Lua) <321-340>
    scripts/gamelogic.lua:917 in (upvalue) DoLoadWorld (Lua) <908-918>
    scripts/gamelogic.lua:960 in (upvalue) LoadSlot (Lua) <954-966>
    scripts/gamelogic.lua:1029 in (upvalue) DoResetAction (Lua) <977-1069>
    scripts/gamelogic.lua:1079 in (local) complete_callback (Lua) <1071-1080>
    scripts/upsell.lua:13 in (global) UpdateGamePurchasedState (Lua) <11-15>
    scripts/gamelogic.lua:1103 in (local) callback (Lua) <1082-1104>

Try and go to Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client_save\session\FCAC97115148D29C\ and delete file named "0000000104".

Hopefully that forces the game to load the previous session. You might lose a bit of progress, but that's better than losing the whole world.

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thanks a lot man


i deleted that session file from here

u save my life dude , god bless your soul <3

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