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Need a piece of code

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Pangu90    0

Hey there!

I'm trying to give my character Willow's perk to set fires when sanity is below 50%. I think I've found the right code, however I'm new to this and when I insert it to my character, it crashes. Also, I'd like my char to set fires when below 25% sanity, not 50.

Can you help?

P.S.: What would really be cool if thic mechanic triggered when going to sleep. But as far as I know, tweaking the sleep mechanic is difficult.

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Nappy    0

You need to change willows threshold for creating fires, its in the scripts>components>firebug.lua.  In this lua file, it references self.inst.components.sanity:GetPercent() < TUNING.WILLOW_LIGHTFIRE_SANITY_THRESH on line 9.  So all you need to do is in your modmain.lua write...



or change 25 to whatever you want and your done.

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