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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to modding any games but thanks to this tutorial, I managed to modify the sample character to my liking. I even went down the long road of editing the speech file's EVERY SINGLE LINE. The easy part is done, I still have to add a custom perk or two and editing the looks. And this is where my problems start... I'm no artist, I can barely draw a straight line, let alone a complete cartoon character. I don't know any art programs, I have downloaded GIMP but I have zero idea how it works. I'd like to play as a hairy caveman who wears furs and has two horns on his head. I've even tried downloading Woodie's character from somewhere because he needs less editing. I don't really care about anything, as long as he looks like how I just described him. Can anyone, who has some spare time help me out here and draw him for me? Also, I'd like him to have an axe as a starting weapon. I still need to code that, but if anyone has the time to help me draw it, I'd really appreciate it. I'd like him to have a bronze/golden (doesn't really matter) double axe where one side is a lot bigger than the other. Sort of like a halberd without the spike. I'm still trying my best, but it took me 1 hour to make a black triangle out of the sample pigtail... I feel lost and I have so much work in the character's personality... Thanks for reading this!