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key and locks fight the grief

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playing on public servers sometimes some buttface come and hammer or burn you chests and you cant even do rollback cause nobody gives a manure. so this my small suggestion

Keys and Lock

Keys and Lock would be made with gold nuggets and alchemy engine. Locks can be put on most stuff like chests, icebox, and stuff like that and when a thing is locked only the one who locked it and admins can open it. Locked things can't be hammered, burned, smouldered, or griefed in anyway but the owner or admin can hammer the lock away to get it back. Keys for example it was crafted by Wilson so it will be "Wilson's Key" then if Wilson give his key to Willow then Willow can open all of Wilson's locked things as long as holding the key. keys should be hammerable then if owner doesnt want it to exist can break it then not just anybody can get hands on it

important items like chester eyebone, glommer flower, and stuff can not be put in lock containers or then it can be used for greifing

if u wanna take it a step further for example can make only structures Wilson made can be locked by Wilson and Wilson cannot lock Willows chest

thats all oga

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