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Need Help with Pig Queen [NVM Solved]

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So I stopped modding and playing DST long ago. Recently I am getting back into the game and I am playing with a bunch of mods including my pig queen mod. When I have just the pig queen mod enabled there are no problems. She spawns on every map I make and she is there ready to eat all the meat and give gems.

When I have all the other mods enabled her prefab spawns and I can use myqueen() to teleport to her but she is invisible and you can only see her shadow. She takes up space in the world but does not exist in it. I can not feed her for gems. Even if you use c_spawn("pigqueen") it is the same issue. I can take the time to isolate the mod that is causing the problem but I have no idea what to do with that to even figure out what is causing such an issue.

After writing this I did some searching and it seems hamlet has a pig queen and i figured maybe the problem is with the return of them mods. If I leave off the return of them mods, volcano, and creeps in the deep. She works fine. So I guess there is some kind of mod conflict going on. But how do i fix this?

I am looking for guidance on where to start to solve this problem, what kinds of things might cause this type of issue, or flat out this is how you fix it.



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Another mod I installed that adds shipwreck and hamlet stuff to the game had an animation called pigqueen.zip which is the same animation name for my pig queen. I have searched and searched and was able to rename my pig queen to pig_gemqueen and the problem is solved.

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