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Сheckbox to turn off the skill indicator

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When a duplicate has gained enough skills, he continues to receive skill points. I do not give him new skills, so as not to increase his need for morality. But the indicator of the new skill point will continue to flash on the printing press. Which in turn does not provide information about the skill points of other duplicates who lack skills.
I would be very happy if the developers added a checkbox to turn off the indicator of receiving skill points for individual duplicates.
Thanks for your work.



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Nice idea! I would also suggest a global settings for this, so the player could set their preffered default status for such checkbox. And, maybe, a set of advanced settings, like "Stop notifying about unspent skill points after dupe reaches X skill points total" or "Notify only if dupe has X+ more morale than needed to learn the highest tier skill awailable".

It would also be cool to have an ability to queue skills for learning, so dupes would go and automatically learn them once they gain skill points.

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Frankly, all notifications should be adjustable. I don't need to be reminded that commutes are long or that my grill doesn't have the necessary ingredients from the 20th cycle onwards

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