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I want to make a mod that allows two players to fuse together and combine their stats (and maybe their perks?)
I've never really done anything with mods before, but no one else has made anything like this so I want to be able to
I have no idea how hard this would be to make or where to start, so could anyone give me a bit of help or point me in the right direction? (If a mod like this would even be possible)

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Well, there are many layers to this goal. You have the animations(maybe), the fusing of the stats, and what happens to the players.

Animation could be as simple as doing ThePlayer:Hide() If you want something more intricate, you can either see if there are any existing player animations that will work, or go deep into the rabbit hole of custom animations using spriter which is a program in the Don't Starve Mod Tools.

Fusing the stats should be the easiest part. If you just want to add them up, all you have to do is call a bunch of Get methods. If you want to combine their max stats, I'm pretty sure the SetMax functions will work. Perks will probly be a little harder, but there may be some components involved, in which case it will be as easy as adding them.

As for the players, what will happen, will one player lose control and the other take over? If so, then this might be the hardest part, as in it will take the most research in the game files as to how controls work and how to make one player follow another constantly (or at least while fused). You'd have to constantly be moving one player to another. Upon reconsideration, constantly moving one player to another isn't really that hard (you can check out how the c_move and c_goto functions work in consolecommands.lua), but it may severely affect performance. If they can un-fuse, you'll have to do some math with the un-fused player's stats.

Hope this was useful in some way!

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