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Forcing traps at world regen will disable some event items. Why? Please look at the code.

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The Hallowed night, pumpkins, does not spawn around the portal if I force traps to spawn. I used this code below but I imagine there must be a new code that could work... Anyone willing to change this code into something that would not disable the start pumpkins? I imagine there could be even more event items that would not spawn...


local Layouts = GLOBAL.require("map/layouts").Layouts
local StaticLayout = GLOBAL.require("map/static_layout")

Layouts["spider_forest"] = StaticLayout.Get("map/static_layouts/spider_forest")

local task_forest = {"Squeltch","Lots-o-Spiders","Spider Queendom","Sanity-Blocked Spider Queendom", "Forest hunters"}

AddSetPiecePreInitAny = function(name, count, tasks)
        if level.location ~= "forest" then

        if not level.set_pieces then
            level.set_pieces = {}
        level.set_pieces[name] = { count = count, tasks = tasks }


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