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Users disconnected from locally hosted dedicated server when migrating from caves to master

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Hello, I've done a bit of troubleshooting but can't isolate the cause of this issue.

I'm hosting a dedicated server with a master (overworld) and cave shard, with the default settings generated from the Klei server utility. These are master_port 10889 in the cluster.ini, server_port 11000 in the server_port of my master server.ini, and 11001 for my cave shard. I have all of these NATed. Server is not running mods, and for testing, all users have disabled all client mods.

The issue is that very often, when returning to the master (overworld) shard from the caves, the client is disconnected from the server. This happens for me, the host, when playing DST on the same local host as the server, or from another computer on the same local network, AND it happens for anyone else connecting through the internet.

I've tried

  • Running the .bat to launch the servers in administrator mode
  • Having the dedicated server nullrender executable launch in admin mode.
  • Launching my own client in admin mode
  • Disabling windows firewall (the only running firewall)
  • Changing the master_port and server_ports in case something else on my machine was using them already

None of these seem to make a difference, and as far as I can tell, windows firewall already was allowing traffic from the dedicated server and DST.

Nevertheless, this really sounds like it's some sort of network or firewall issue. We took the server files and had a user who experienced these symptoms run the server on her local network instead and we do not experience the issue there, so it's not a misconfiguration of the server itself.

Here are relevant snippets from the server_logs of me trying to take the portal from the caves to the surface.


[00:35:38]: Activating portal[9] to 1	
[00:35:39]: Serializing user: session/58E57BC55BF2641C/A7JCQHKF77F8/0000000009
[00:35:39]: [Shard] Migration request: (KU_RDHeyvte) to [SHDMASTER](1)
[00:35:39]: [Shard] #4 <- session/58E57BC55BF2641C/A7JCQHKF77F8/0000000009
[00:35:39]: CloseConnectionWithReason: ID_DST_SHARD_SILENT_DISCONNECT
[00:35:39]: [Steam] SendUserDisconnect for '76561197993341593'
[00:35:59]: Serializing world: session/58E57BC55BF2641C/0000000009
[00:35:59]: Truncating to snapshot #9...
[00:35:59]:  - session/58E57BC55BF2641C/0000000003
[00:35:59]:  - session/58E57BC55BF2641C/A7JCQHKF77F8/0000000003
[00:35:59]:    2 file(s) removed
[00:36:39]: Sim paused


[00:35:52]: [Shard] Begin migration #4 for (KU_RDHeyvte)
[00:35:52]: [Shard] #4 Caves(2428299975) -> [SHDMASTER](1)
[00:35:52]: [Shard] #4 -> session/6C3202C15C44D99B/A7JCQHKF77F8/0000000009
[00:35:52]: [Shard] Received migration #4 data for (KU_RDHeyvte)
[00:35:52]: [Shard] (KU_RDHeyvte) disconnected from Caves(2428299975)
[00:36:11]: Registering master server in US lobby
[00:36:12]: Serializing world: session/6C3202C15C44D99B/0000000009
[00:36:12]: Truncating to snapshot #9...
[00:36:12]:  - session/6C3202C15C44D99B/0000000003
[00:36:12]:  - session/6C3202C15C44D99B/A7JCQHKF77F8/0000000003
[00:36:12]:    2 file(s) removed
[00:36:52]: [Shard] Migration for KU_RDHeyvte timed out.
[00:36:52]: [Shard] Cancelling pending migration #4 for (KU_RDHeyvte)
[00:36:52]: [Shard] Migration by user ('KU_RDHeyvte') failed (177). 
[00:36:52]: Sim paused
[00:36:52]: Registering master server in US lobby

This occurs about 90% of the time, while 10% of the time I make it to the top ok, which is kind of confounding, as I would imagine if it was a firewall or port forwarding issue it would fail 100% of the time, as well as cause problems playing on the shards other than migrating between them.

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Hello @CommonsNat, welcome to the forums. I recall encountering the same issue with a different user with regards to "failed (177)". 

As mentioned in that thread I'm not sure if it would help with your situation either but I suggested that they whitelist DST on their Anti Virus program or disable Anti Virus program entirely and see if it fixes it. Fortunately for them, it fixed the issue. If that doesn't work for you, then it could be due to other reasons, but for now try that first.

What ever antivirus program you have, look for instructions on how to set up whitelisting the executables of DST, primarily:

  • dontstarve_steam.exe
  • dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer.exe

Both are found under Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\bin. BUT IF you're running your dedicated servers through SteamCMD, then also whitelist the corresponding executables there too (SteamCMD\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\bin).

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