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Minor Character Mod Issue

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Recently finished making my first mod, I used the Extended Sample Character as a template, I made a few simple adjustments to it because I wanted to make sure it worked before I made any crazy deviations to the playstyle.

Long story short it worked completely fine, so I tried uploading it to Steam Workshop so my friends could test it, but when we subscribed to the mod it wouldn't show up in the mods section for any of us hosting when we were in the game.

Any ideas for what could be causing this to happen?


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Did you properly set up the modinfo.lua? It sounds like something isn't right. That, or every single one of you didn't sit long enough waiting on the list of mods to finish updating/downloading new mods. I'd put my money on the former :)

Check this out.


If that's not the problem, please share the mod here, so we can take a look.

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