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Sunken Chest Loot Suggestions

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The Sunken Chest is an object which can be obtained by sailing randomly across the ocean, by reading message in a bottle and grabbing chests from the bottom of the ocean. It fills your inventory with useful items you might use while sailing around or once you return from your journey. I thought about making it also a way to acquire certain items which might be not acquireable anymore because they do not respawn or the animals dropping these might go extinct.


Players do complain about disease because of the fact that diseased plants are unrecoverable. Once your Berry Bushes or Grass Tufts become diseased, they'll disappear forever since they aren't recoverable & do not regnerate over time (unless your server is set on endless). Grass Tufts do also have a chance to turn into Grass Geckos, making them disappear bit faster than Saplings. Unlike Cut Grass, Twigs can still be obtained by Twiggy Trees which spawn over the whole world.

Contains Manure (about 4-8), Grass Tufts (2-3) and Saplings (1-2)
Bucket-o-poop (66%) or Pitchfork (33%)
(1-2)x Berry Bush, Tropical Berry Bush, or Juicy Berry Bush
and one of the following items: Spiky Bush, Bull Kelp Stalk, Stone Fruit Bush, Honeycomb, Lureplant


The other one is based on the fact that some of your animals might go extinct by accident, griefers, etc. making their items not renewable. While this chest won't allow you to bring them back to your world, you'll at least be able to farm their drops slowly by sailing in the ocean.

Paleontology (A nice collection of bones and other remainings):
Contains a random amount of Rot, Bone Shards, Hound's Tooth, Spoiled Fish, Cookie Cutter Shells, Fossil Fragment,
About two of the following items: Beefalo Horn, Gnarwail Horn, Volt Goat Horn, Walrus Tusk, Shelmet, Snurtle Shell Armor, Tentacle Spike
and one of the following items: Pig Skin, Bunny Puff, Cat Tail, Slurper Pelt

(Some other items which might or might not fit would be Tentacle Spots, Slurtle Slime, Deer Antler, Chilled Lavae, Scales)



Other changes I suggest would be to make the actual Traveler Chest drop a random head slot dress item and a 50% chance for umbrella instead of Thermal Stone. The "splunker" one could get a 50% chance to drop Thulecite Club instead of Pick/Axe, or Thulecite Crown instead of Thulecite Suit.

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