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Max attributes

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Hi, I'm not able to locate a definitive short answer on this topic.

What is the maximum attribute level a dup can have, and how does the starting roll of the dup affect that? My take follows.

The base value is 20.

To that you add traits. Some of them are permanent (i.e. Mole Hands, +3) some are time based (Early Bird, +2).

Then you add skill related modifiers. These of course are reset if you skillscrub the dup.

You also add situational modifiers (diseases, morale reactions, atmosuits).

The initial attribute bonus does not affect the maximum reachable by the dup, it's just a head start.


Does that summarize it?


For escavation that would be:

20 + 3 (Mole Hand) + 6 (Hard/Superhard/Superduperhard Digging) + 10 atmosuits = 39

For machinery:

20 + 3 (Grease Monkey) + 6 (Improved Tinkering/Electical Eng./Mechatronic Eng.) = 29

For agriculture:

20 + 3 (Night Owl - at night) + 6 (Imp. Farming I/Crop Tending/Imp. Farming II) + 8 (baloon) = 37

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