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Sudden FPS drops?

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Hello. I'm having sudden FPS drops when doing basic tasks, like eating, cooking or putting things in a crockpot. This usually cuts my FPS by like a half, and annoys me. This happens when I'm a host, playing solo, doesn't occur when playing on a server where someone else is the host. I play with mods, here's a list of them:
Client mods: 50 Saveslots, Autumn Music Restoration, Combined Status, DST Where's my Beefalo, Dusk and Night music, Geometric Placement, Gesture Wheel, Minimap HUD, SmartCrockPot.
Server mods: API Gem Core, Epic Healthbar, Food Values - Item Tooltips, Global Pause, Global Positions, Health Info, Wormhole Markers.
As you can see, nothing too crazy.
It's worth noting that the drops happen somewhere around the time where I start setting my base up, so days 15-20. 
They also sometimes happen on the main menu, I click on one thing and the frames plummet for a few seconds.
I also Alt+Tab out of and into the game often, I have a suspicion that this might be the reason why they happen, not sure though.
Here are my specs:

Screenshot - 21_04.png

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