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Make the Crab King drop more gems if Iri or Pearl is socketed

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Gems influences various aspects of battle with crab king. For example green gem increases the amount of extra claws spawned
When you add iri gem or pearl the game "sees" it as if there were more socketed gems than in reality. For example you put 8 green gems and 1 iri gems the game "thinks" there are 9 green gems and calculates the amount of claws as if there were more gems than 8. If there were 2 blue 2 orange 2 red and 2 yello, game sees it as if there were 3 blue, 3 orange, 3 red and 3 yellow
On death, crab king drops all socketed gems
So youa re basicaly fighting a lot harder enemy but the loot is so not worh it.
What i am suggesting is make the crab king on death drop the socketed gems AND the ones that were added in calculation using iri gem or pearl as multipleir.
So in above example the crab king would drop 2 blue 2 orange 2 red and 2 yellow gems and 1 iri (as the ones that were socketed) AND 1 extra  gems of each color

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