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Sunken Chest Loot Analysis

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I took some time to analyse the loot earned from opening Sunken Chests and made a cheap table to see how many items you get from opening Sunken Chests:


If you don't understand the right part of the table, just use the left one which shows you how many items you get per chests and how many chests you would need to get 1x of that item.


According to me, the best items you can get from opening Sunken Chests are:

  • Weather Pain: 1/30 per Chest
  • Green Gem: 1/31 per Chest
  • Yellow Gem: 1/31 per Chest
  • Walking Cane OR Lazy Explorer: 1/51 per Chest (Chance to get a cane is 3 times higher than getting a Lazy Explorer)

With the Sunken Chest and a Decon Staff, you'll still be able to obtain items like the Cat Tail, Volt Goat Horn, and Bunny Puff even if the latter becomes extinct.
Opening Sunken Chests grants you 0.34 Down Feathers per chest, that's 18% more than from opening Loot Stashes which grants you 0.29 Down Feathers per stash.
The Lazy Explorer is the only ruins exclusive loot you can find in Sunken Chests.

While the Sunken Chest does offer some interesting loot, the chance to get useful loot is pretty low and you'll mostly get junk only from opening these. I wouldn't recommend to sail around only to gather Sunken Chests.

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