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[Mod Request] base screenshot

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I thought it would be nice to have a way to share your base or just the parts you want the easy way, in high detail. For example, im on my base run, am day 360 and im currious what would others had to say about my first base, including all layers (power, liquid pipes, ventilation, etc.) but beside piling screenshots on eachother there is no way of doing it or i didnt found it.


So i was thinking if there is a way how to directly screen it in game, including layers i want to share
Or extract it from the save, because i can SEE IT when i load the game, so it needs to be somewhere

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hi, you might be a little bit lucky because I had started to make a mod like this, I had abandoned it because of an incomprehensible bug but I'll probably take it back, it's a mod called "HDScreeshot" which does pretty much what you explain, without the layers.

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