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Can't really play with my friend from another continent comfortably

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I'm looking to play with my friend on a hosted world. I'm in Europe she's in Asia, we have been our ping usually fluctuates from 200-350 if either of us hosts around 200 is playable. We can play fine on dedicated servers lag with lower ping, but we want a world to last and for mainly the both of us to see how long we can survive without it having to reset and not being wilderness or endless mode. 

So my question is is there anything we could do? Like setting up a dedicated server half way? or using it with a 3rd party lan software maybe? like tunngle and hamachi? not sure. 

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Ah, that sounds really similar to how me and my brother were playing together a while back!  He was in Thailand, I was in America.  I could play fine on my server but he could barely even move, and vice-versa.

So we eventually set up a dedicated server in _England_, roughly halfway between.  Did it work?  Well, we both had that bad-connection symbol flashing in the corner of the screen sometimes, but we could both move _kinda_ decently.  I...wouldn't try to solo any bosses, though.

So that's an example of how that kind of thing works (when neither one has a really high-end computer or great connection, just an average one), if you're curious.


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Yeah i figured that's the only option, We both have high end machines. But her internet sucks random times at the day. And only the host can fight this way. So if it's her world i just end up facetanking or being kinda forced to use minions. We're considering playing on wilderness world to have our progress saved before trying dedicated servers. Thanks.

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