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We all know of the ancient fuel weaver and how we summon is by building his body by collecting bones followed by getting the black heart and placing it with in the body to start the fight in front of the portal, but when you build the structure you will notice that structure can be built into a different version of the fuel weaver skeleton and introducing a alternative boss fight in the ruins.

- the ancient fuel catalyst 

The fuel catalyst can be resurrected once the player creates the correct skeleton and once giving the black heart the catalyst will come alive beginning the fight

- movement


- combat movement

:swipe: the catalyst swings his staff at the player

:surge: the catalyst strikes his staff onto the ground causing a surge of fuel to crawl around the floor to reach the player

:hallucinations: the catalyst can channel fake enemy’s onto the battle just to trick them

:split: the catalyst can split himself in To two separate beings having weaker ability’s such as casting a slow moving object at a player or hitting back with their staff, they can however come back as one if need be

:construct: the catalyst can build walls manipulating the players movement

:mimic: as a final resort the catalyst will transform himself into the player and try to kill the player with the same health stats as the player

- at the end

when you destroy the catalyst he will drop the same items as the fuel weaver 

- speech

the catalyst much like his counterpart can say things like...

= how dare you!

= your nothing!

= why!

= don’t hesitate!

= saw something?

= how could he betray us...

= its too late!

= run while you can!

= you can not stop “them”

= time to end this!

= time to finish what I had started!

= you don’t understand!

Death cry

= you ended us all!

= the insanity of it all!

= help.... please!

= they’re... coming! 

= can’t... stop it

= how naive

= is it over....

= RUN!

= don’t... leave me!

= they’re all gone!


that was the alternate boss fight for the ancient portal, any feedbacks 

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