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my opinion on pets and how they will be handled

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hi everyone hope yall doing great so i saw just mikeys post on pets and that just gave me a reason to write this post so in my opinion when klei made pets they were thinking that the constant is a place with many dangers and evils and they thought what would make people happy when theyre sad so pets were created soley as adorable but useless little critters at the start but by the time they were making lunar island they agreed that pets should have more usage so they made the mothling(i think thats its name)that would give a light source when not hungry and thats what i think klei will do for the other pets give them little small little powers  that will only function when theyre not hungry while still having infinite health 

this part is a idea i had for pets (any klei member reading this should maybe read this not forcing anyone) what if pets had a affection meter. it would be a meter that would work like the beefalo meter (dont remember the real name)but a lot more kind how the meter would work is when a pet is hungry they would lose affection points and doing certain actions like feeding your pet good food (cooked meat,croackpot dishs)petting them (you can only pet them three times a day petting them more than three times will not give affection points)and maybe even adding certain actions for certain pets like being able to play fetch with your vargling or giving glom glom hugs would give you affection points and when your pets have a certain amount of affection points towards you they will start doing nice things for you examples first if you get a kitty kit at a certain affection  from time to time it will go and catch you a bird (dead or alive)as a sign of affection (dont know if cats catch birds or mouses)maybe varglings would help you finding dirt piles easier> and maybe if you have high affection with a broodling and youre at low health i the broodling would turn angry and fiery like the dragonfly allowing you to cook stuff on them and if you had ewelets at a certain affection they would let you shave them giving you steel wool (happens once every 20 days or so)and gibliets would let you take a feather from them every couple of days    now i myself love glom glom but because glom glom is not a real species i dont know what he would do maybe give you sanity like a glommer   now i myself would like it if klei let added more cute things you could do with your pet like hugging glom glom or playing fetch with vargling 

this part is mainly for a klei staff member klei if youre reading when you guys are making pets please let them have powers that arent really big i dont want people to pick pets just based off of their powers they should pick them based on who they like the most anyways 

well this took a long time to write which is the reason i didnt want to write this so good job on getting to the end please give your opinions (negative or positive)k bye

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