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Hey Grifters,

These are some fixes and balance changes we're trying out, mostly centered on Rooks campaign.

  • Add missing tooltips indicating disliked opinion when engaging in Intimidation negotiations
  • Nano Lattice / Portable Bunker added to a couple shops in Grout Bog.
  • Tiny Stingers are now 4-6 damage.
  • Fixed issue where Counter would get triggered incorrectly from cards that call in a secondary fighter to do a single attack
  • Targeting Core costs 0 and is now Uncommon.
  • Updated a plax bg used in Calibration Point
  • Slightly tuned down a global health modifier for NPCs.
  • Removed autodogs from the grawkit combat party in the final expedition.
  • Kalandra is less likely to use grenades
  • Reduce the max health and morale of Fellemo
  • Reduce the max health and damage of the Spark Baron Professional
  • Dialogue edits.
  • Fixed missing icon for Kalandra's boon caused by the graft being renamed
  • Irritable no longer triggers if the opponent has been defeated with the last card
  • Fix upgraded battle grafts not showing up in the UI in combat
  • Reduced damage on Kalandra's double slash
  • Fixed a bug where Glofriam's core argument could still be damaged by certain cards despite having its shield


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