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Making my character unable to wear armor and hats, and restricting weapons

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I "came up" (It's Aatrox. New Aatrox.) with a crazy idea of a draintank character that is not going to be able to wear armor (since his draintanking would be OP with armor) and hats (because I would have to deal with clipping issues with his massive horns. plus forbidding football helmet and other protection sources), but I'm kinda lost at how to even do it. I can't come up with any mods that did it either. 

As I envisioned it, instead of putting stuff on, he's gonna exclaim "I do not need pathetic armor to impair my movement!" on armor and "How do you think I'm going to put THIS on!?" or something, on trying to put on a head slot item. 

Ideally it would be removing all possible armor from being able to be put on by him, but keeping any clothes. Or not. I don't care, I can implement new amulets to compensate those, if removing ability to wear entire slots is easier and shorter. Then, removing ALL hats from the possible wearing options. And removing all weaponry BUT the custom weapon from possible options. (He's still going to be able to wear amulets.)

So he's not gonna be able to wear any armor, no hats, only one weapon and amulets plus backpacks. And possibly no clothing.


So, any idea on how to do it? Or at least general pointers to mods that did this?

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