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Require help for simple mod

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I have started looking into creating mods for ONI today because I would like to modify stats of existing items. For a start, I want to modify the quality of Pickled Meal.

My problem right now is that it seems that Harmony exclusively changes functions. However, I would simply wish to modify a variable: In the file TUNING>FOOD.cs, inside the class FOOD_TYPES the variable PICKLEDMEAL.

So I kept looking into the files and found PickledMealConfig.cs. I hoped to be able to patch the CreatePrefab function to override the Gameobject with a modified version. However, I get an error "Duplicate diet entry: PickledMeal". Which makes it seem like I have to modify the variable in FOOD.cs after all...

I am sure that someone with some ONI modding experience could easily point me towards the solution of my problem. I would be happy about any pointers. I attached my code and anonymized log. Here the essentials:

[HarmonyPatch(typeof(PickledMealConfig), "CreatePrefab")]

public class Patch_Pickled_Meal
     public static void Postfix(ref GameObject __result)
          __result = EntityTemplates.ExtendEntityToFood(EntityTemplates.CreateLooseEntity("PickledMeal", (string)ITEMS.FOOD.PICKLEDMEAL.NAME, (string)ITEMS.FOOD.PICKLEDMEAL.DESC, 1f, false, Assets.GetAnim((HashedString)"pickledmeal_kanim"), "object", Grid.SceneLayer.Front, EntityTemplates.CollisionShape.RECTANGLE, 0.6f, 0.7f, true, 0, SimHashes.Creature, (List<Tag>)null), new EdiblesManager.FoodInfo("PickledMeal", 1800000f, 0, 255.15f, 277.15f, 9600f, true));
          __result.GetComponent<KPrefabID>().AddTag(GameTags.Pickled, false);

[22:13:38.365] [1] [WARNING] Tried loading prefab with duplicate tag, ignoring: CompostPickledMeal
[22:13:38.693] [1] [ERROR] Duplicate diet entry: PickledMeal
Duplicate diet entry: PickledMeal
(Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug.bindings.h Line: 45)



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