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Many, many, Bug fixes


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I thought it is worth a shot posting this 

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1930385845 (made by aptidude! awesome)

i cut out a few that might not be bugs but some intended might be in here:

[DS/RoG/SW/HAM] Trading with anyone or anything that is dead, frozen, asleep, or busy is now completely prohibited like in DST.

[DS/Rog/SW/HAM] Pig King will now appear asleep at night on reload. (Before on reload he would look awake, but would still refuse any trading until daytime.)

[DS/Rog/SW/HAM] Fixed Werebeaver being able to defy death and become invincible by gnawing something during the death animation.

[RoG/SW/HAM] Containers now prioritize being extinguished over being opened.

[RoG/SW/HAM] Smolder FX no longer blocks click.

[SW/HAM] Fixed WX-78, Wilbur, and Wheeler's speed modifiers carrying over to other characters on world-hop.

[SW/HAM] Ice Flingomatics will no longer fire at Limpet Rocks.

[SW/HAM] Fixed crash with the Quackering Ram's FX on reload.

[HAM] Recruited Royal Guards won't refer to Wilba as "unpig" anymore.

[HAM] Royal Guards no longer panic in the precence of shadow creatures.

[HAM] All city-pigmen without hats won't use the "taking off hat" animation when idle anymore.

[HAM] Daily gifts won't refresh on load anymore.

[HAM] Daily gifts shouldn't override payment from taxes or cleaning the streets anymore. (Payments should now be given after your gift.)

[HAM] Attacking city-pigmen while they're giving payment won't cause them to become stuck in place and helpless anymore.

[HAM] Florist won't ask for Manure in exchange for Oincs when they're followers of the player anymore.

[HAM] Queen Malfalfa won't accept Royal Crowns or Royal Scepters if she already has one equipped.

[HAM] Queen Malfalfa won't get stuck forever trying to offer a gift to Wilba anymore.

[HAM] Queen Malfalfa now has her own speech strings. (Before she was actually using the generic city-pig strings, as she had none of her own.)

[HAM] Queen Malfalfa now uses female pig sounds.

[HAM] Pikos won't try to steal backpacks, living creatures, and important items anymore.

[HAM] Pogs now prioritize combat over eating.

[HAM] Pogs won't beg and try to be cute when in combat.

[HAM] Tall Grass in DS/RoG is now tan to match Grass there.

[HAM] Tall Grass' hacked FX in Shipwrecked and Hamlet is now green to match Tall Grass in those worlds.

[HAM] Crumbling Carved Stone now uses its own character-inspection quotes.

[HAM] The Palace's Watch Towers now use their own reconstruction art instead of the normal Watch Towers.

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