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I was playing Hamlet a week ago and got to thinking. It would be cool if in a year or 2  we got a remaster of the original Don't Starve. Nothing changed per say. Just the QoL update and all the dlc in one package. That would then be a good way to launch Hamlet on consoles. As a remaster I would want the map system and graphics game wide improved. The whole original experience with a fresh coat of paint. Also down the line they could make more Don't Starve original dlc if they wanted. If they wanted to go a step further they could add in more dst ideas. Things like the canary or rework the Seaworthy system. Also I would think mouse support on console would be key too.

Just what I want to sea. Also nothing wrong with the game now other then its age. It sticks at times when loading where dst does not. I'm thinking more along the lines of Kingdom hearts 1.2,2.5 and 2.8 in terms of a remake.

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