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[solved] What body part is hand-15' on exended sample character?

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hi there~

can someone help me figuring out what part of the character is  this 'hand-15' on extended sample character?
i'm redrawing the images to make a custom character but i can't understand what/where this part goes in the char
xD i'm feeling it's something SO obvious but i just can't visualize what this is hahaha 
and since it's the first time i'm using Spriter i don't know if i can 'change' the images i'm seing like idk if i can just select/load like ''jumping/happy emote images" or "sleeping on bedroll batch of images" so i can't actually undesrtand a few of the images but i'm going with the flow if a image show's me a fist i'll redraw a fist or an angry face i'm redrawing an angry face but this one is making me crazy 'cus i can't figure it out hahahaha xD

thanks in advance


edit-OMG i just found out what this is in the most absolute 'by chance' it could possibly be xD AHHHAAHA i ws checking out  few charcter mods and clicked in one and BAM the first ingame picture of the mod xD was this exactly thing xD 
since i don't use this emote i didn't realize it was the 'saw' thing xD and now idk how to delete this thread 

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