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The Ability To Delete Custom Presets Without Deleting Client Save (and maybe Renaming Custom Presets if possible :> )

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Is it possible to Delete Custom Presets for world generation without having to delete the client save folder, which holds other valuable information, such as one's skin presets? If so, it it also possible to allow for renaming of custom presets to more easily identify said presets?

I have a few presets that have been made by mistake and I'm not keen on deleting something in the client save folder to get rid of it or making several presets just so it will cycle through and delete the bad preset either :>

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If you are a console player I will not know how to help you.

I hate presets, and I managed to get them out of my game by pulling the plug out of my computer with the game open :/ I don't promise anything.

But when you turn on your computer, go into steam, and run DST, a terms of use message will appear, it means that the presets have been removed.

Click agree / accept. I don't know, I don't remember. lol

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