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What laptop would be best for running a dedicated server with caves?

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I've had two laptops. One that was pretty flimsy and understandably couldn't run caves, and another that was pretty bulky, but still needed over 20 minutes to generate caves everytime I loaded the server. (And still had small but very noticeable lag)

I was wondering if anyone might have any reccomendations for a good laptop that won't cost me an arm and a leg. (Maybe just a leg)

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A dedicated server has the convenient Advantage to be able to run on pretty much any machine, most importantly it can be a machine different from the one you are playing on.

In other words: I'd recommend a small PC or server to run the dedicated server on, and just connect to it with one of your laptops. I'd recommend to keep en eye out for the following points when chosing one:

1. Single core speed matters. A lot. Each shard only needs one core, so you can run a dedicated server with caves on a dual core, though I'd recommend a quadcore if possible.
2. A dedicated server doesn't need much RAM. With a Server running Linux you should be good with ~4Gigs of RAM. If you wanna run Windows, better aim for 8 gigs.
3. While hard drive speed doesn't matter too much for DST servers space doesn't either. As SSDs are super cheap nowadays, I'd chose a medium sized SSD over a Large SSD for saving those extra seconds when starting the server, generating maps and autosaves.

Slapping all of that together with a (for example) i3-9100, 8 gigs RAM, a small MB, small SSD, random case you'll probably end up with around 400€ or whatever that is in your currency.

You can probably shave off another 40€ by chosing an i3-9100F (No integrated Graphics), or chosing a dual core of some sort. Either of them wouldn't be the ideal solutions though, so keep that in mind.

Hope this helps :D

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