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Requesting decompiled SCML file of Fish w/o bugs

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I was trying to decompile ocean fish. Precizely "oceanfish_medium_2.zip". I tool ANIM and TEX files from it and also BUILD file from "oceanfish_medium.zip" and used "krane.exe" tools to decompile.

I managed to get something working, but the decomplied file is so bad that it's useless. 

I can not compile it because animations are broken - that's common problem, but the error is deeper:

I can't even do "inst.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("shoal_head", "des_lead_oceanfish_medium_2", "shoal_head")" because some names of images inside SCML texture folders swapped their places/names thus OverrideSymbol gives odd results. For example underwater fish siluetes are randomly swapped with above water textures.

Thanks in advance.

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