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I am looking for help on a mod that adds npc versions of players and a ton of other stuff.

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Hi, I am looking for help on a mod or rather a string of mods I am making. the mods will add:

  • carbide steel (the stuff guns are made of)
  • towers and defenses (and assignment tool)
  • npcs (of players)
  • Photos.app.zip and bunnymen reworks (make them more like the merms)
  • a new character (Jeff "the guard")
  • some new traps and weapons
  • new tools
  • a new crafting station
  • some throwable weapons

  if you reply, thank you, if you don't, ok, i don't care really.

also have a emotacon. 8] robot face.

Screen Shot 2020-01-04 at 5.22.38 PM.png

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This is great, but what are you actually asking for here? Is it collaboration? Commission? Which parts can you do yourself? Which parts do you need others to do? Think what you yourself would like to know, if you were the person reading this.

Godspeed with the mods! It'll be a long journey with all that work, but it sounds exciting! Defenses would be very welcome.

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