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New creatures

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Just a lil spice to the game and make every day less the norm.

First idea - big bad wolf more pig houses in the same biome area  makes a better chance of spawning. He spawns more in forest. Destroys any pig houses and eats the pigs if u dont want no pig skin better save em.

Second -skitter squid troop not really a new creature but still cool. Wander on land in a pack of 15 - 20 kills pigs, spiders, and ur precious fridge.

Third - gem spider comes from queens and dens. Like a spitter spider but shoots fire, ice, destroys stuff(green),teleports(orange and purple),and yellow same as red. Has around 500 hp.blue gem has 50% defence. Red sets you on fire. Green when low hp will deconstruct your weapon once. Purple and orange will teleport you.

So this is just some ideas for creatures / gang of said creatures.

Pls no judge me;-;

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